A Timeline


Marion Oak STICHT (nee Stage)

Born: 9 Nov 1864 Paris, Illinois

Mother: Sarah Jane Hazelton (1829 – 87) (59)
Father: Napoleon Bonaparte Stage (1817 – 74) (57) (Sarah his fifth wife)

Lizzie b. 1857 d. 1913
Charles b.1860 d. 4 July 1881 (burial date)
Emma b. 1869 d. 27 Apr 1877 (burial date)

Napoleon B Stage born in Circleville, Pickaway Ohio. 4th child of William Staige and Catherine (nee Kile)

Sarah Jane Hazelton born in Chester, New Hampshire. 2nd of 5 daughters of
Samuel & Abigail (nee Tabor). Also two sons

Napoleon moves to Edgar Co. Illinois

9 Feb: Napoleon marries Elizabeth Ann Stanfield (d.o.b: 11 June 1818)

9 Feb: Elizabeth Ann dies on 1st anniversary

21 July: Wm Vanburn (son of Elizabeth A & Napoleon) dies – age not stated
(c.a 2yrs)

Napoleon marries Matilda Gordon

Matilda dies/disappears . NBS marries Louisa (surname not known)

9 July Louisa Stage dies aged 22 & 7mths (d.o.b: 11 Nov 1824)

17 Oct: Napoleon marries Elizabeth E. French

(Aug?) Elizabeth E dies on her 26th birthday

16 Aug: Solomon (son of Elizabeth E & Napoleon) dies (2 days old)

Sarah Hazelton marries Napoleon in Edgar Co (?) Probably in Edgar Co as teacher in school on Napoleon’s farm at Bloomfield.

Annette Hazelton moves to Bloomfield to replace Sarah as Teacher. Marries George Dinsmore, former employee of Napoleon

8 Oct: Robert Carl Henry Sticht born Hoboken

: Lizzie born

: Charlie born

: Napoleon elected to State Legislature

: Mary Hazelton living with Stage family as Teacher

4 Sep: Napoleon enlists in Union Army as Quartermaster (aged 45): 126th
Illinois Infantry. Serves at siege of Vicksburg.

13 Feb: Alice Kate Wellman born

6 Nov: NBS disability discharge from 126th Illinois …..

8 Nov: Lincoln re-elected

9 Nov: Marion Oak born

14 April: Lincoln assassinated

Nov: Annette Dinsmore (Hazelton) dies aged 35

16 Jan: Samuel Hazelton dies in Chester, aged 82

? : Emma born

Tues 21 June: Robert Carl Sticht (aged 14) in Paris with father on eve of Franco-Prussian War

10 July: Napoleon B Stage dies, aged 57 (of 10 children from 5 wives, only 4 – Lizzie,
Marion, Emma and Charlie – survive him)

Robert Carl Sticht graduates with BSc from Brooklyn ?

27 April: Emma dies aged 8 (27 April, burial date); buried with Napoleon and other
infant at Edgar County Cemetery

17 June: Abigail Hazelton (nee Tabor) dies in Chester NH, aged 85

Sarah, Lizzie, Charlie & Marion move to Pueblo, Colorado

4 August: Lizzie marries storekeeper George Barndollar (b1848) in El Paso County, Co

Sarah & Marion living with George, Lizzie & Harry Barndollar (George’s younger brother)

Robert Sticht graduates as Metallurgical Engineer from Clausthal, Germany

4 July (burial date): Charlie dies (aged 21). Buried Edgar Co.

1882 -1885
Recession across USA

Marion at Vassar Music College, NY (aged 17)

Sarah living with Geo, Lizzie & Harry Barndollar in Pueblo

24 Oct: Harry B marries Margaret McNamara (from PA)

April: Brooklyn Bridge opened

Marion back in Pueblo, Colorado w Mother & Barndollars (census occupation: Capitalists)

18 Aug: Harry Stage Barndollar born (d Cal 1963. Moved there 1893 w family. Title artist w Warner Bros for 54 yrs).

Severe winter across Great Plains and mountain states wreaked havoc on
farmers and further depressed mining towns already suffering from war with
Michigan mines

27 June: Sarah Jane Stage dies of tuberculosis in Pueblo, aged 59. Buried Edgar Co.

15 Oct: Marion goes to Europe, aged 22 (Passport app from Berlin 03/1888)
Probably studying music with Alice K Wellman

Jan – Jul: Marion on Grand Tour with Wellmans. France, Italy, Switzerland Germany.

August: Marion returns to USA on SS Aller

“The Great Panic” Worst depression in US History up to then. Gold replaces silver as standard ; collapse of Leadville and Tabors

Oct: RCS recruited as Chief Metallurgist by Mt Lyell Mining & Railway Co of Tasmania, (on recommendation of Prof Edward Dyer Peters), while working at Golden Sunlight mine in Whitehall Montana.

29 Jan: Marion Oak marries RCS in Trinidad, Colorado (Lizzie & Geo possibly living

Feb: Sail from San F for Sydney & Tasmania on SS Almeda

10 Mar: arr Sydney via Hawaii & Auckland

Mar/Apr: RCS arrives at Mt Lyell field, shanty town of Penghana.

May/Jun: Marion arrives Penghana (1895 wettest year on record at time)

26 Jun: Sticht’s pyritic smelter tapped – Marion lights fire

3 Sep: RCS Jnr born (Marion aged 31)

Nov: Lizzie’s Patent for Oven Thermometer registered in USA

12 Dec: Penghana township destroyed by bushfire. Relocated to present day Queenstown

5 Feb: first shipment of blister copper sent from Queenstown to London

18 Mar: Marion opens Abt Rwy from Queenstown to Teekoopana

Oct: RCS appointed GM of Mt Lyell Co

23 Dec: Bushfire threatens Queenstown and Mine Manager’s House

19 Jan : Alice Wellman in NZ, ex Hobart? (or on her way?)

14 Feb: Alice booked to sail to SF from Sydney on RMS Moana.

1 April: Lizzie & George Barndollar arrive Queenstown.

12 June: wreck of the Grafton at Macquarie Heads. RCS among passengers.

??: Penghana completed

2 Nov: Marion opens railway from Teekoopana to Regatta Point

24 Dec: Bushfire destroys dozens of homes in Queenstown. Penghana threatened

11 Mar: RCS’ mother dies, NY (70)

Apr – Oct: G F Beardsley in USA

1 Jan: Federation

7 Feb: Huge bushfire destroys 100 homes Qtown & Gormanston.

June?: Alice K Wellman marries George Beardsley (in Melb)

31 July: MO opens Q Pub Library (old hosp bldgs in Cutten St)

28 Sep: Alice Beardsley gives birth to Alice Ruth

1 Oct: Alice Ruth dies

3 Oct: Robert & Marion at Melba’s first Melbourne Concert (w Kellys)

Botanic Gardens Reserve – caretaker appointed

Sep: Marion & Alice represent Shakespeare Club on National Council of Women

Oct: Beardsleys return to USA

21 Nov: RCS takes leave of absence for extended holiday

29 Dec: John Hadmar Hazelton (Marion 41)

18 April: San Francisco earthquake

1 Aug: George and Lizzie return to US (Long Bch, Cal) after 8 yrs in Qtown

Oct: Marion and boys at Macquarie Heads – postcards

RCS signs contract with Mt Lyell Co for 5 more years

Oct: Australian Women’s Work Exhibition, Melbourne

: family spends 2 – 4 months in Sydney

26 Aug; Ernest Chester Hollw? (Marion 43)

25 Feb: Alfred Deakin stays at Penghana several days (Marion leaves “MacQ Heads refuge.”)

14 June: Sticht Ball

production starts at Balfour – hailed as new Mt Lyell. Sticht ultimately invests
70,000 pounds to buy Copper Reward (= 14 yrs salary or $5+ million)

? : Stichts pay half study costs of Alfred Sticht (Gustav’s son) approx $2000

Sep: RCS letter to Ernst in Republic

15 Mar: Ernst Sticht dies of pneumonia in Republic, near Spokane Wash. aged 50. Leaves wife and son, Robert, aged 18

Family spend Winter in Sydney at Hampden Hotel, Pennant Hills NSW

14 Dec: Amundsen at S Pole

Jan: John Adams Hazelton dies (92)

7 Mar: Amundsen in Hobart for 2 weeks

29 Mar: Scott dies after reaching South Pole

14 April: Titanic sinks (Queenstown, Ireland last port of call, 10 April)

12 Oct: Nth Lyell disaster, 42 dead

11 Feb: Shakespeare Club farewell – Marion to live in Melb!?

15 July: Lizzie dies in Long Beach, California (aged 57)

8 – 15 Nov: Alva Adams in Tas

Nov: RCS takes 12 months leave; family leave for USA

12 Jan: Family sails for USA on Niagara. (w.maid, Dora Gulson)
Spend winter in California then “head north”

8 Aug: Plans to tour Europe cut short by outbreak of WW1 (Britain declares
war on Germany 4 August)

Xmas: family at Grand Canyon

19 Jan: RCS returns to Tas via Syd on Ventura. Marion & boys in Long Beach,
Cal. RCS jr at Throop (later Caltech). (Classmate of Frank Capra)

7 May: Lusitania sunk

Oct 31: Marion & boys return to Qtown (Robert jr stays at College in US)

RCS President of Aus Institute of Mining Engineers (1915 -17)

July – Marion has Appendicitis – several weeks in Q hospital

6 Jan: Family to Balfour for fortnight

15 Mar – 15 April: Sydney to Vancouver SS Niagara (100 tons of Rosebery ore to
be tested at Anaconda)

April – Dec: Family vists USA again. RCS Jnr enlists (w Capra?)

5 April: Vancouver to USA

6 April: USA enters WW1

1 Feb: Family returns to Queenstown

26 Sep: Robert’s sister Augusta dies (52)

11 Nov: WW1 ends (Marion & RCS at Government House, Hobart)

Lt RCS Jr discharged American Army

April: Harry Barndollar dies LA

30 April: RCS dies Launceston (renal carcinoma)

RCS jr takes over Balfour

Tues16 Jan: Marion leaves Qtown for Balfour, a ghost town by then, with sons Robert (28), John Hadmar (17), Chester (14) and maid, Ethel Robertson 18 (later Ethel Barnes).

July/Aug: leaves Balfour for Melbourne

21 January: Marion dies in Avonhurst Private Hospital, 5 Queens Rd Sth Melbourne, of renal carcinoma


The Advocate: 23 Jan 1924
The deepest regret was expressed throughout the West Coast yesterday on the news of the death of’ Mrs. Robert Sticht, Widow of the late Mr. Robert Sticht, for many years manager of the Mount Lyell Company. For over a quarter of a century the deceased lady played a leading part in the social and intellectual life of the Lyell district. She was noted for her great kindness, charity, and benevolence.

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